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Xing the land beyond

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XING: The Land Beyond - PlayStation Store

XING: The Land Beyond is a contemplative journey through the afterlife, incorporating puzzle design akin to the Zelda series, with emphasis on environment like Dear Esther and Myst. Players must keenly observe their surroundings and use their wits to progress through the serene world. XING: The Land Beyond has full VR support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with options to use either SDK, as well as a range of controller options, including tracked motion controllers and traditional gamepads. Great care has been taken to ensure XING is an exciting and comfortable experience for all lovers of virtual worlds.

Xing the land beyond

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Suscribirse a Eurogamer.es Diario. Las 10 piezas más populares del día. Las enviamos cada  13 Sep 2020 Xing the land beyond. This topic has 0 You start the game already dead, and you must journey through mysterious lands. This is a puzzle  12 Feb 2019 XING: The Land Beyond is best described a journey loaded with puzzles, exploration and a large sense of serenity. Previous games that feel  XING: The Land Beyond is an Atmospheric First-Person Puzzle Adventure game for the PC and Oculus Rift. Players are transported to the world of XING - an  XING: The Land Beyond.

XING: The Land Beyond is an atmospheric first-person puzzle-adventure game for the PC, PS4 and Virtual Reality, and set in the afterlife. Gameplay involves exploration, solving environment-based puzzles and gaining/using powers such as rain and snow to progress through levels.
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Xing the land beyond

Set in the afterlife, experience the stories of those past gone while visiting lands and cultures across time. Explore, solve logic puzzles, and wield environmental powers as you journey through the world of XING. XING: The Land Beyond has been developed with accessibility in mind, and conforms to color-blindness, deafness, and has no time-constrains in its puzzle design.

Plus members can enjoy a 25% of XING: The Land Beyond is a first-person atmospheric puzzle-adventure game that takes place in the afterlife. http://www.xingthegame.com/ Your body may be go XING: The Land Beyond has been developed with accessibility in mind, and conforms to color-blindness, deafness, and has no time-constrains in its puzzle design.
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XING: The Land Beyond på Oculus Rift Oculus

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6 Feb 2019 A Release of Ice and Fire. › FIRE XING Finally Hits PlayStation 4 in Six Days We did it!